Related Services

Here at FLS Painting, we are more than just house painters. We’re South Florida’s top choice for wood repair, spray finishing, wood replacement, and light carpentry.

Wood Repair

We have skilled technicians who can work to repair all different types and finishes of wood paneling, banisters, wainscot, and thresholds. We make sure that any and all woodwork in your home or business looks like new!

Spray Finishing

Spray finishing is a great way to update the woodwork around your home and to make sure that panels, banisters, and thresholds are gleaming. Don’t let all of the time and energy you’ve spent carefully planning the woodwork in your home go to waste! Give us a call and we will refinish any and all woodwork in your home or business.

Wood Replacement

Have some cracked or split woodwork in your home or business? We can handle just about any scuff or seam. Depending on the type and style of the wood we can either fix the damage or replace it entirely to look like new.